Approved for Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) in Singapore

Mennta Energy Solutions is pleased to announce that the below two courses have been pre-approved under the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) scheme in Singapore!

LNG Contracts Across the Value Chain

11-12 April 2019 in Singapore - CONFIRMED TO RUN!

10-11 October 2019 in Singapore

Overview Of The LNG Value Chain

7-9 October 2019 in Singapore

Introduced by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), the Maritime Cluster Fund (MCF) facilitates the growth of Singapore's maritime cluster by supporting the industry's manpower and business development efforts as well as its drive for productivity improvements.  There are three key components under MCF.  The MCF-Manpower Development co-funds maritime companies in the development of manpower, training initiatives and capabilities.  The MCF-Business Development supports eligible expenses incurred in the initial development of new maritime companies and organisations setting up in Singapore, or existing maritime companies and organisations expanding into new lines of maritime businesses.  The MCF-Productivity supports initiatives by the maritime industry that will lead to productivity gains.  Learn more here.

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'Even with decades of experience carefully crafting our public training schedule to meet market demands, we understand our schedule isn't always perfect for your schedule! That's why we always encourage clients to consider the tremendous benefits of bringing our training in-house:

  • Preferential scheduling
  • Best value for your budget
  • No employee travel expenses
  • Optional content customization
  • Minimal time away from the desk
  • Team building!

Think your team is too small for this to work? That's probably not true!  Most in-house courses start to make sense at...'

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'Did you know that LinkedIn members who add their training certificates to their profiles get 5x more profile views? In the world of online networking, that's 5x more opportunities to land that next big deal or brand-new job! Now you have 5x more reasons to...'

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Congratulations on successfully completing your energy training course with Mennta Energy Solutions!

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Step 3: Scroll down to the “Licenses and Certificates” section of your profile. Once there, click on the “+” symbol to add a new certificate. If you do not have a “Licenses and Certificates” section, click on the blue “Add profile section” drop down box. Underneath “Background” or “Accomplishments” you should see a “Licenses and Certificates” section. Click the “+” symbol to add the new section.



Step 4: Fill out the form:

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'Sticking to our New Year's resolutions is tough. In fact, 80% of all resolutions fail by February. That's not exactly a newsflash when you consider the most common resolutions require the most discipline - eat healthier, exercise more, and save money. Full disclosure, all three of those are on my list pretty much every year too!

There is another resolution that needs to find its way onto everyone's annual list - to learn more. The return on investment from further educating yourself surpasses any financial investment you could make. At minimum, proper professional development can...'

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