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'Mennta Energy Solutions, formerly Mennta Energy Solutions, has been privileged enough to train well over 100,000 of the best and brightest energy professionals in the world through our open-to-the-public, private onsite, and online courses.

After every course, we request feedback on everything – the venue, training materials, instructor, snacks, and so on.  We have gotten a lot of great feedback over the years, but let me share my favorite testimonial of all-time:

"Excellent presentation – the instructor was clearly knowledgeable, delivered at a good pace and the presentation was well illustrated with examples." M.S., ConocoPhillips

I know – it’s a nice pat on the back for us, but it doesn’t really ‘wow’ you.  However, this delegate has unknowingly perfectly encapsulated the three pillars our training is built on:

  1. Providing expert instructors
  2. Carefully crafting optimal presentation delivery
  3. Bringing the content to life with interactive examples

Join us at any of the below upcoming public courses to see for yourself what...'

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