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5c003d5e591091d484ea3c6e8f6051f1150 150Weather is the single most important factor in influencing price volatility, volume fluctuations and revenues in the energy industry, as well as other industries globally. While exchange traded futures and options and many OTC products can be used to limit price risk, they do not provide a hedge against the volume risk associated with unpredictable weather patterns. This workshop provides a comprehensive overview of weather derivative products. After completing this course, delegates will be able to qualify and quantify weather risk in their businesses and determine the specific weather derivative tools necessary to protect revenues from Mother Nature.


Princeton Energy Programme's Fundamentals of Energy Futures, Options I - Fundamentals of Energy Options, and Energy Risk Management or equivalent experience.

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Introduction to Commodity Derivatives.


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This one-day workshop is perfect for those who are already familiar with basic hedging strategies with futures and options but require a volume focused approach to risk management. Delegates include everyone from trade staff to senior management from any industry with an exposure to earnings volatility through adverse weather conditions.

  • How weather derivatives differ from weather insurance and other derivatives
  • Heating and cooling degree day calculations
  • Anatomy of a weather derivative contract
  • Quantification and qualification of weather risk
  • Weather risk management tools
    • Defined events
    • Seasonal degree day swaps
    • Floors, caps and collars
    • Embedded agreements
  • Overview of pricing methodology
  • Weather derivative regulation and accounting requirements globally


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