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23 Apr 2018 1 Day Houston, TX Country: us
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23 Mar 2018

5c003d5e591091d484ea3c6e8f6051f1150 150Deregulation of the electricity marketplace continues to be a controversial topic. During this period of historic and rapid change, there is much to learn. Let this programme be your first step. This one-day event is a combination of presentation and trading simulations.

Includes Online Pre-study Module

This course is accompanied by a preparatory course available online. Delegates will receive a web voucher as part of their joining instructions upon confirmation of registration. By taking advantage of this "blended" learning approach, in-class time and learning are optimized.

Upon completion of this course, your employees will understand:

  • The basics of electricity and how it differs from other physical energy commodities
  • The fundamentals of generating electricity and various types of generation technologies
  • How power is traded:  qualities, quantities, time increments and the difference between physical and financial power
  • The characteristics of participants in the power markets
  • The characteristics of major North American power markets
  • Deregulation in the electricity industry
  • The concepts behind power pools, ISOs and RTOs
  • The differences between energy-only and capacity markets
  • The essential components of the transmission system and how it operates, including the uses of and different types of ancillary services
  • How and why the power market is converging with the natural gas market
  • How to unbundle power, including spark spreads and heat rate trading.

Those just starting up or supporting a power trading desk will benefit immensely. We will cover what is of interest to electric utilities, power marketers, IPPs, financial institutions, brokers, and end-users. No previous trading experience is required!

  • Electricity basics: electrons and wires
  • The fundamentals of electricity generation
  • What makes electricity different from all other traded commodities
  • Profiles of electricity market participants
  • Trading motivations of different physical electricity market participants
  • Financial/physical
  • Major North American markets and how they operate
  • Deregulation of the electric utility industry
  • Trading pools, ISOs, and RTOs
  • Transmission and ancillary services
  • Convergence of power and natural gas
  • Natural gas spark spreads and heat rate trading
  • Hedging and financially traded instruments

Some topics covered in this workshop are specific to either the American or Canadian market and will be adjusted as necessary.


Course Director


“Very good bird’s eye view of the power industry basics.” H.R., NRG Energy

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