The Gas Chain Concept - Industry Structure, Economics, and Pricing - NG3 

CPE Credits Awarded: 24
Categories: The Natural Gas Industry

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This three-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to the concept of the "gas chain," a thorough understanding of which is essential for anyone associated with the natural gas business. The result is an understanding of the interdependence of each phase of the gas business and the implications of this for the commercial organisation, finance, operation and structure to commercialise gas reserves.

What you will learn

  • The organisation of the natural gas industry: the gas chain
  • Production, transportation and supply factors
  • Economics of natural gas production
  • Pricing concepts and marketing
  • Government involvement: regulation, control and competition
  • Formal presentations will be supplemented by Exercises/Case Study focusing on the economics of gas supply and demand


  • Specialists who wish to broaden their understanding of the technical, commercial and political workings of the international gas industry
  • Managers who are relative newcomers to the gas business


Organisation of the Natural Gas Industry

  • Natural gas properties
  • Types of natural gas
  • Structure of the natural gas industry
  • Characteristics of the natural gas industry
  • Economic issues affecting the industry structure
  • Principles of project evaluation and financing
  • Stakeholders in the natural gas business
  • Problems of irregularity of demand
  • The gas supplier/customer relationship

Exploration, Production, Transportation of Natural Gas Supply

  • Exploration for natural gas
  • Drilling and production techniques
  • Economics of natural gas production and transportation
  • Natural gas transmission
  • The producer/transmission interface
  • Onshore and offshore pipelines
  • Owned and common user transportation systems
  • Project management
  • Operational problems
  • Project cost and economics
  • LNG fundamentals: production, liquefaction, shipping and regasification
  • Gas to liquids technology

Markets and Trading

  • Natural gas supply/demand balance
  • Characteristics of the market sectors for gas
  • Competing fuels and natural gas value
  • Pricing mechanisms
  • Commercial arrangements and agreements in the natural gas chain
  • Impact of taxation and royalties
  • Regional market characteristics
  • Differing regulatory systems around the world
  • Natural gas trading mechanisms

Exercises/Case Study

  • Formal presentations will be supplemented by Exercises/Case Study focusing on the economics of gas supply, demand and trading


Mr. Malcolm Johnson


“I really enjoyed the course. Thank you. ” L.F.P., Petrobras

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