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- Mennta Energy Solutions, Inc. ("Provider") collects personal information directly from you through this system including your name and email address.

- The personal information is used to assign you a user ID and/or password to enable you to access Provider’s website and its publications and to notify you via email of new and updated publications if this option is selected in the subscription. The personal information is also used to compile statistical data reflecting readership of Provider’s publications.

- For this purpose, Provider shares your personal information with its IT department.

- Provider, any ExxonMobil Affiliate or third party receiving and processing this personal information is expected to do so consistently with the purposes and disclosures description set out in this notice and they will protect data consistent with applicable policies and laws.

- This processing of personal information may occur in another country that may not have been deemed by your country to provide an adequate level of protection.

- Your participation is voluntary. If you do not use this system then you will not be given access to Provider’s website or publications.

- By clicking on the "I Agree" button below or alternative (e.g. signing or responding to e-mail with "I consent"), you consent to the processing as described above accepting that such collection, storing or other processing may be conducted by a third party or may occur in another country that may not have been deemed by your country to provide an adequate level of protection.

- If you live in the EU or Switzerland, you have the right to see your personal information in the system and get any mistakes corrected. In other countries, you may have such rights. Contact your Data Privacy Office to find more about these rights, and how to exercise them.

- National data protection law may protect your personal information. If it is protected by law, you can get details of the data protection agency in your country by contacting your Data Privacy Office.


- For any questions contact your Data Privacy Office. ExxonMobil and/or ExxonMobil Affiliates mean (a) Exxon Mobil Corporation or any parent of Exxon Mobil Corporation, (b) any company or partnership in which Exxon Mobil Corporation or any parent of Exxon Mobil Corporation now or hereafter, directly or indirectly (1) owns or (2) controls, more than fifty percent (50%) of the ownership interest having the right to vote or appoint its directors or functional equivalents ("Affiliated Company"), and (c) any joint venture in which Exxon Mobil Corporation, any parent of Exxon Mobil Corporation, or an Affiliated Company has day to day operational control.

I understand how my personal information will be used in this system and I consent to the use, transfer and disclosure of my personal information for the purposes described above

For Residents of Argentina, Hungary, Paraguay, Russia, Tunisia or Uruguay, you must print out this form, sign it below, and send it via internal mail to Be sure to send the original, signed form and retain a copy for your records.
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