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The latest June 2017 editions of The Energy Education Pipeline eNewsletter are now available.

"Our brand-new Energy Expertise Assessment will test the knowledge level of even the most seasoned energy professional.  This short multiple-choice quiz randomly generates 15 questions from a 90 question bank to offer nearly endless combinations – to be exact there are 45,795,673,964,460,816 permutations!  Topics covered include oil, natural gas, LNG, LPG, power, biofuels, renewables, trading, derivatives, hedging, risk management and other aspects of the dynamic energy industry!
This interactive assessment tool is ideal for:
      - Recognizing knowledge gaps
      - Guiding your learning path
      - Qualifying new hires
      - Pinpointing the future organization leaders
      - Organizing a fun competition in the office!
Best of all..."

June 2017  - North American Edition

June 2017  - International Edition

June 2017  - Asia Pacific Edition

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