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HarveyThe devastating scenes from Hurricane Harvey in the Greater South East Texas area have been global news over the past week.  High water, helpless animals and newly homeless people captured the attention and hearts of everyone.  However, even the endless news coverage cannot do the magnitude of the destruction justice.  I know – I spent the better part of a week swimming through flood water, assisting in evacuations, being evacuated by boat, and tirelessly working towards finding a dry place to rest.

As the water recedes and the news crews move on, the people of Houston and the surrounding areas need the world’s attention more than ever.  People like me (pictured right) are no longer wading through flood water, but rather rummaging through destruction to start the rebuild.  NOW is the time for the global energy community to rally behind their friends, colleagues and even competitors in Houston to contribute to the healing process!

I am happy to announce that Mennta Energy Solutions is doing their very best to rebuild the city that has been a gracious host to our events for decades.  First, we are literally putting boots on the ground.  Our CEO & President, Clara Lippert Glenn, is providing me the flexibility to spend time away from work to help the community.  Therefore, if you are reading this and need help with anything flood related in the Houston area please email me at  I will do my very best to come help!

Next, we will be giving away free online training courses (valued at 210USD) to anyone who donates at least 100USD to one of the following Houston-based charities that will be vital to the community going forward:  Houston Food Bank & Houston Humane Society.  Simply email me a copy of your donation receipt and I will personally pass along your free course.  You will be able to choose from any of our over 90 course titles on!



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