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The latest December 2017 editions of The Energy Education Pipeline eNewsletter are now available.

"It is not hard to find great savings this time of the year.  Turn on the television, thumb through your mail, refresh your social media feed or open your email inbox and you will certainly come across seasonal promotions.  The hard part is deciding between what you WANT and what you NEED!  For instance, my wife saw a deal on a new laptop and said she needed it.  I had to remind her of the four laptops, two tablets and two smartphones we already own!

Purchasing decisions at work can be slightly more complicated, but getting the most out of your yearly budget is the goal.  Every energy professional, entry-level to executive, can find value in training.  Therefore, adding us to your 2018 wish list is the clear choice!  We’ll even offer the absolute best..."

December 2017  - North American Edition

December 2017  - International Edition

December 2017  - Asia Pacific Edition

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