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One of the great things about onsite training is your staff remains in the office.  One of the challenges of onsite training is your staff remains in the office!
The advantages of onsite training are clear – time, cost, and customisation.  However, if not executed properly, the learning experience can be weakened, and it could feel just like your standard weekly meeting.

Mennta Energy Solutions, formerly The  Oxford Princeton Programme, spends a significant amount of time evaluating venues and course design to optimise delegate learning in our public courses.  Here are five tips to help you replicate that success in your next onsite training course:

  • Disconnect
    • Depending on the course content, it is likely your team can do without their phones and computers for a day.  Scheduled breaks to check emails every few hours will suffice and guarantee their focus.
  • Casual Monday
    • Casual Fridays are the best, but a casual Monday will be a close second!  Scaling back attire requirements to jeans and a blouse/polo for the training will have your team in a more excited mindset from the moment they wake up.
  • Assigned Seating
    • Take this opportunity to group your staff with team members they may not interact with on a regular basis.  The long-term teambuilding benefits can be substantial.
  • Classroom Setup
    • If your office space can support it, take your staff back to school and setup classroom style.  This clearly differentiates the day from your standard boardroom meeting and ignites their subconscious need to learn!
  • No Such Thing as a Free Lunch
    • Schedule to have a nice lunch brought in from your team’s favorite local eatery.  While they won’t pay the bill, they will repay you with the positive attitude that comes from a full stomach!

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