Retail Marketing - Maximising Brands, Networks and Outlets - RM1 

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Categories: Oil Industry, Downstream Marketing and Retail

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Gold Course Retail marketing in today's oil industry is not only about fuels and lubes. Ever more discerning customers need a wider range of goods and services. Increasing competition is putting margins under pressure. This is a broad based, comprehensive foundation course, on which you will learn to manage objectives and resources professionally. You will explore the circumstances and problems affecting the retail oil industry and consider the solutions available to wholesalers and retailers. You will deal with fundamentals affecting supply, marketing and retailing of fuels and associated goods and services, and how technology can help secure success in the market place.

What you will learn

  • How to optimise retail networks, brands, property and on-site facilities
  • The needs of both established and emerging markets - existing situations and prospective new ventures
  • Identifying and analysing competitors, trends and opportunities and how to apply best retailing practices and give appropriate focus to customers
  • Business principles to help review and create successful investment, marketing and sales strategies and operating policies
  • Emerging global obligations and best practices regarding health, safety and environmental issues

  • Those who represent companies, groups and site owners, whose actions have an affect on investment or marketing and sales policies.
  • The disciplines covered will be related to property and engineering, marketing and sales, investment and divestment, image and business performance.

Understanding a Market

  • What are its attractions?
  • What type of business should you be in and why?
  • Who are the customers?
  • Who are the competitors?
  • What can be learned from the experiences of others?
  • How is performance best measured?
  • Are rewards commensurate with risks?

Brand Management

  • What is a brand position and why is it essential?
  • How is it best conveyed to secure maximum effect?

Asset Management (Networks)

  • What is the optimum productivity level?
  • Supply chain management (wet and dry goods)
  • What forms of ownership and property management are available?
  • What outlet operating modes should be considered?

Asset Management (Outlets)

  • Principal design considerations
  • Customer facilities, health, safety and environmental issues
  • Technological aspects of successful retailing
  • How to ensure assets are -sweated" to secure best returns on capital
  • The key on
  • site features of "retailing for profit"
  • What is the worth of competitive pricing, premium pricing and promotions?
  • The identification of customer needs and the prospects for "one stop replenishment"


  • What are the latest systems available for complete business management?
  • What are the pros and cons regarding electronic funds transfers, and other forms of customer payment?
  • Loyalty cards and customer information management

Site Facilities

  • Fuels: what is in prospect for new and advanced products?
  • Shops: how can full advantage be taken of the opportunity - professionally?
  • Car care/ car washing: how can poor and mediocre operators become successful?
  • What other new business streams or products may be suitable for the retail oil industry?


  • Performance management: what does it mean, how does it work?
  • Project management, how its principles can benefit much of the industry-s work
  • Regulatory matters, particularly health, safety and environment; what obligations does the industry have to face now and in the foreseeable future?
  • On-site crime, how might it be reduced?
  • Managing change
  • Concentration on the "must do wells"


Course Director


“Well-organised sessions and knowledgeable and experienced lecturers. Good choice for site visits and guest speakers. ” A.A., Emarat

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