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Categories: Oil Industry, Downstream Marketing and Retail

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Gold Course This course deals with matters relating to policy making and operational issues regarding the strategic and tactical marketing of fuels, shop goods and car washes. It includes the critical aspects of basic site and facility layout, supply chain management and modes of network and site operation. It covers the principal issues which affect the profitable marketing and sales of on-site goods and services and how they may be managed overall mainly from an oil company-' point of view.


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Most suitable for policy makers and advisors responsible for these site facilities, marketing managers, business stream managers and supervisory staff. It could also appeal to independent site operators and retail career staff generally will find the course most useful.

Site layout and considerations for marketing purposes (non-technical) - ensure that site assets are optimised and "sweated" to optimise returns

  • Experiences and illustrations of varying modes of marketing policies and decision making - understand the advantages and disadvantages of centralising and localising marketing matters and help decide what might be best in different markets and circumstances
  • The key aspects of supply chain management, and its relationship to modes of network and site management
  • appreciate the importance of choice of supplier, associated terms and conditions and of good inventory management
  • References to appropriate technology - grasp the essentials of how the quick assimilation of data should be managed
  • The need for innovation and objective customer relations management
  • apply systems and procedures as may be necessary
  • Consideration of retailing trends - appreciate what successful retailers are doing elsewhere and why


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