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Mennta Energy Solutions is pleased to offer the same expertise that nearly 100,000 business professionals have relied on to succeed in the dynamic energy markets in cooperation with the Global Association of Risk Professionals™ (GARP).  Coupled with diligent review of GARP® study materials, these two-hour online energy training courses can be the vehicle to instill the fundamental principles needed to succeed on the ERP® Exam.  By choosing Mennta Energy Solutions as your exam preparation provider, candidates can be confident all training materials have been designed and developed by a member of our esteemed faculty.

Did you know that GARP® recommends 300-400 hours of studying for the ERP® Exam?

With 25 courses and approximately 50 hours of online training, candidates are able to maximize their study time in an engaging manner.  Each of the below self-paced e-learning modules are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and are accessible from your internet-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone worldwide.  Users can look forward to interactive exercises, practice quizzes, a comprehensive final exam and a certificate of completion.

Upon launching a course, users will have 14 days to complete the course.  In that time, users will be able to proceed through the material and review completed sections as needed.  However, once the final exam is completed users will not be able to access the course.

Candidates will have two opportunities to take each course selected.  The initial purchase will provide users access to their chosen courses.  Then, a complimentary set of the same courses will be provided for review purposes 30-days prior to the exam date.

Preview the course outlines for each GARP ERP® Exam section by clicking on course title links below.

Physical Energy Market Topics (Part 1)
Financial Energy Market and Risk Management Topics (Part 2)
Online Courses Online Courses

Comprehending the Coal Industry

Emission Trading Markets and Regulations

European Power Markets and Infrastructure

Gas Markets and Deregulation

Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production

Introduction to the Oil Industry

Introduction to the Power Industry

North American Power Markets

Oil Storage Overview

Overview of the Global LNG Market

Overview of the Natural Gas Industry

Overview of the Natural Gas Value Chain

Overview of the Oil Value Chain

Overview of the Renewables Industry

Petroleum Refining Made Easy

Hedging with Futures and Options

Introduction to Commodity Derivatives

Introduction to Derivative Markets and Trading

Introduction to Forwards and Swaps

Introduction to Trading Risk Control

Oil Pricing Mechanisms

Petroleum Products Trading

Understanding Commodity Risk

Understanding the Value-At-Risk Concept

Using Weather Derivatives


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