A candidate must demonstrate to Mennta Energy Solutions that they have earned the Certification of Natural Gas & Power Industry Expertise through successful completion of 15 on-demand self-study online courses and one comprehensive final written exam.

The learning objectives of the 11 mandatory courses and 4 electives will combine to develop a strong foundational knowledge of the natural gas and power industries in order to successfully write the final exam.


  1. Overview of the Natural Gas Industry
  2. Overview of the Gas Value Chain
  3. Overview of the Shale Gas Market
  4. Gas Markets and Deregulation
  5. Overview of the Global LNG Market
  6. The Emerging US LNG Export Marketplace
  7. Introduction to the Power Industry
  8. Power Trading in Europe
  9. European Power Markets and Infrastructure
  10. North American Power Markets
  11. Natural Gas in a Decarbonizing World


Applicants can choose four titles that supplement and expand along their desired training path. The mandatory courses cannot be repeated as an elective. Electives must be two-hours in length. View our complete On-Demand Self-Study Course library here.

Certification of Natural Gas Industry Expertise Requirements and Application

View our complete On-Demand Self-Study Course library.

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