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Who is Mennta?

Why should you train with us?

What system requirements will I need to take an on-demand course online?

What are the system requirements for taking an on-demand course online?

Is there any software I need to download?

Are on-demand courses mobile-friendly?

Are virtual instructor-led courses mobile-friendly?

How do I enroll?

How long does each course take?

What are my payment options?

How long do I have to complete an on-demand course online?

Can I save my progress during an on-demand course online?

What energy industry topics do Mennta Energy Solutions cover?

Who attends training courses with Mennta Energy Solutions?

Who are the instructors for the energy training courses?

Where are the public in-person classroom courses held?

What is the dress code for an in-person classroom course?

Will there be refreshments and lunch served at public in-person courses?

Can in-person classroom courses be delivered to my company’s office?

Can virtual instructor-led courses be delivered privately to my company?

Can Mennta Energy Solutions’ on-demand self-study courses be licensed?

How does Mennta Energy Solutions stay up to date with the latest developments in the energy industry?

How does Mennta Energy Solutions stay up to date with training best practices?

Can I request a customized training course for my organization's specific needs?

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in Mennta Energy Solutions courses?

What distinguishes Mennta Energy Solutions from other energy training providers?

Do you offer certification for completing your courses?

How can I submit a complaint? 

We are committed to providing a professional, efficient, courteous and helpful training service to all our customers. However, if you believe that things have gone wrong and you are dissatisfied with our service, we want you to tell us. Then we can resolve your complaint, and try to ensure it does not happen again. This procedure tells you how to make a complaint about any of our training services.

How do I make my complaint? You may be able to resolve your complaint by taking it up immediately with your account manager, they can be contacted by both email and telephone. Please use the numbers on our website.

If not, you can write (including e-mail) to one of our offices or email You can also telephone us on the numbers shown on the website, although you may be asked to put the details of your complaint in writing. 

What should I include in my complaint? 

What will happen next? 

We will respond in writing to your complaint, within 10 working days of receiving it. If this is not possible, we will, within 5 working days, send you an acknowledgement explaining why we cannot provide you with an immediate response, including details of when you can expect a full reply. 

What if I am not satisfied with the initial response? 

If you are not satisfied with our response to your complaint, you can escalate it by writing to our Vice President at the UK Office or by email at 

What can I expect?

We aim to provide a high standard of service but, unfortunately, there may be times when we make a mistake. If this happens you are entitled to expect anyone, or a combination, of the following: 

Users' views

One of the best ways we can continue to improve our service is by listening, and responding, to your views. As well as learning from your complaints, we welcome any comments or suggestions you may have on how we can improve. Equally, we would like you to tell us when we get it right, so that we can maintain our good practices. Please send any comments to your account manager or  



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